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What defines QUALITY in Shutters?

If you are considering shutters for your home but are confused about which product to select, we’ve got you covered! Norman Shutters are a product like no other; they exude beauty, character and luxury, all while adding value and a point of difference to your home. Read on to learn more about what defines a QUALITY SHUTTER…

Exceptional Materials

The material used for each product, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products, have been specifically chosen for a number of reasons that lend to all shutter types being of a high quality and superior window or door furnishing. Moisture resistance, durability, natural grain pattern, colour and suitability for different climate areas are just a few of the many characteristics chosen from to produce a beautiful, functional and worthwhile investment for years to come.

Quality Frames

Found in heirloom furniture, Mortise and Tenon Joinery is one of the hallmark features of the Norman Shutters range. Theserobust, interlocking joinsare resistant to warping, bowing and sagging and are structurally superior to PVC frames that are stapled and glued together. Our Mortise and Tenon joints will help your shutters withstand decades of shear stress and racking force.

Reliable mechanisms

Introducing the Easy Tilt system! Tilts louvers like magic with no tilt rod at all. The gear driven system is built into each stile, and tilts louvers flawlessly with precision tight control.

Fashionably Durable

Unlike PVC and Faux Wood shutters which have a tendency to become brittle and faded over time, the Norman range of Shutters deliver sustainable durability along with an exceptional finish. Our shutters are resilient, climate resistant and less susceptible to chipping, warping, cracking, staining or fading.

Conscientious Health and Safety Standards

Unlike PVC Shutters which have been known to leech toxicities,Norman shutters are V0C Neutral and meet Australian Toy Safety Standards.

Flexible Options at no additional cost

Those ‘hidden extras’ can be a disheartening surprise when it comes to choosing shutters – we are proud to offer a broad range of options within colour palette, louver size, hinge selection and innovative frames to reflect your personal style… all at no additional cost! Norman Shutters are also the only company in Australia to manufacture Motorised Shutters!


Many PVC / Faux Woodshutterscome with restrictive and limited warranties… not to mention the strict cleaning regime that is oftenrequired to be followed in order to maintain your warranty.

Norman Shutters are committed to providing worry-free product performance. To ensure your total satisfaction, all Norman Shutters come with a 3 YEAR FULL MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY!

Our Product Range…


Material: Australian sourced raw material, Customcraft MDF with durable polypropylene coating in 5 smooth finishes.

  • Enjoy the character of wood without the expense
  • Better consistency and durability than regular wood shutters, the patented polypropylene coating resits denting
  • UV-inhibiting finishes resist staining, fading and yellowing
  • Affordable quality, low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Better heat resistance than Vinyl and PVC shutters (withstands temperatures up to 60’C compared to Vinyl 49’C). This provides improved dimensional stability and resistance to warping, sagging, shrinking and swelling to ensure tighter closure.


Material: Strong, resilient material known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). ABS is awaterproof synthetic materialof the highest quality (FACT: LEGO is made from ABS!) Available in 18 paint finishes.

  • Resilient, climate resistant construction, perfect for wet areas
  • Available in custom specialty shapes and a paintable finish allowing for future colour changes
  • UV inhibiting finish resists warping, cracking and chipping and maintains a beautiful finish
  • ABS Co-Polymer coating also resists denting
  • Heat resistant up to 60’C, Woodbury’s solid coreboosts strength and dimensional stability
  • Resistant to sagging, shrinking and swelling
  • Wide panel ready up to 950mm across for unobstructed views
  • Won’t stain, absorb dirt or moisture and is easy to clean


Material: Phoenix Wood - Solid custom hardwood

  • The Normandy Waterproof Shutter range is made of the finest Phoenix Wood, a sustainable tree species that has genuine green environmental credentials. Phoenix Wood has one of the highest strength to weight ratios, an extraordinary wood grain and a silky, satin-like appearance.
  • Available in a large range of earthy stains and chic paint finishes
  • Styles beyond squares and rectangles - available in specialty shapes incl. arches, sunbursts, French door cut-outs
  • Natural elegance with consistent wood characteristics and exceptional durability
  • Resistant to bowing and warping


Material: Specialty Hardwood – Hand selected White Teak with quarter sawn louvers

  • The Sussex White Teak is hand-planted and harvested in an environmentally appropriate manner
  • The use of engineered stiles improvesthe strength and dimensional stability of your Sussex shutters
  • Each panel is hand-sanded, painted/stained multiple times to deliver a premium translucent finish
  • Designer palette of 50 paint and stain finishes
  • Specialty shapes and customisation for any window, any size, any shape
  • Wide panel capability for unobstructed views and fewer panels
  • Our Prescription Wood Conditioning process ensures that the wood for your shutter order is dried to suit the environmental conditions of your area, reducing post-installation shrinking and swelling - resulting in a solid, beautiful shutter for years to come.